#DublinPride: One Day To Go Until Ireland’s Biggest Pride Parade!

EILE Magazine

dublinprideEoin Hendrick writes for EILE on the eve of Dublin Pride’s big parade day, when the city will come alive with colour, music and love

The countdown is on: only 24 hours remain until the largest LGBTQ pride parade takes to the streets of Dublin, commencing at 1.45pm tomorrow, Saturday 28 June.

Nearly all of Ireland’s LGBTQ community groups, along with businesses, political parties and civic groups, will rally at Parnell Square in Dublin city centre before marching through the city’s meandering streets.

Alongside these groups will be individuals, families, friends and LGBT allies, who are free to join in the parade at any point along its way – Dublin’s is one of the last European Pride Parades to remain open to all, with no barriers erected. This reflects Dublin Pride’s open and inclusive ethos – we welcome everyone to march with us – to celebrate and to be proud. 

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Vatican Document Advises More Tolerant Church for Gay Christians and Their Children

EILE Magazine

0_Place_Saint-Pierre_-_VaticanThe Vatican has published a document yesterday, that advises the Catholic Church to be less critical of homosexuals, while also welcoming their children into the Church without prejudice. 

The 75-page document, titled ‘Instrumentum Laboris’, has been prepared ahead of the synod of Catholic bishops, which is set to take place at the Vatican in October this year. The document is based on a 39-question survey that was sent out to bishops across the world, who shared it with their priests to gather the opinions of parishioners worldwide. 

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