Barron: We Should Celebrate National Coming Out Day

EILE Magazine

Ireland as a country should celebrate National Coming Out Day, says Michael Barron, Director of BeLongTo, the organisation for LGBT people aged between 14 and 23.

Research shows that the time between when a young person realises that they are LGBT (on average 12 years old) and when they ‘come out’ to others (on average 18) can be a period of great stress and mental health risk.

“Ireland as a country should take the opportunity of National Coming Out Day to show its support for all [LGBT] young people who are coming out”, says Michael.

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Gay Pride Pub Zap (1982)

Come Here To Me!

Here is a very interesting account from the summer of 1982 of fifteen men and women from the gay community who visited a total of eight pubs in Dublin city centre and recorded their experiences.

I found it on the excellent Irish Queer Archive facebook page.

The eight pubs visited were The Viking, The Oak Tree, The Grannery (sic), The Clarence Hotel,  The Lord Edward, The Castle Inn, Rices and Fives.

I thought it would be interesting to collate the experiences  of the group in each pub and find out whether that particular establishment is still open 31 years later.

1. The Viking, 75 Dame Street.

Some of the group were allowed in, others were not. This did not seem to have been directly to with sexual orientation but apparently due to the fact that three of the women had gotten into an argument with the barman the previous…

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