So I have just broke up with boyfriend number 11 and I have been thinking ‘ am I a serial monogamist’?
And most of all what is it and is it A good thing?

Lets see what I found out:

I am a serial monogamist… meaning I’ve had sequential monogamous relationships – each relationship with a different man – from when I was 17 until last week.

The relationships lasted between 6 months to 3 years… Had probably 1 or two night stands in total in my life the rest were relationships.

My relationships have all been monogamist, ie I’ve never ‘cheated’ on a partner and visa-versa (as sure as I can be); once I’ve decided to be ‘in a relationship’ with Mr X, I would only have sex with him (and visa versa).

But let’s talk numbers, which is actually what got me worried. I have had 11 serious…

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