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Commuting is a dull, necessary evil only a few of us can avoid. Usually, I work from home, the full journey from bed to office via bathroom taking around 90 seconds. But, on landing myself a new contract in a suburb of London, I am to rejoin the rat race I’d so fondly missed.

The journey takes a mere 20 minutes, and I excitedly get on the train on my first day, like an eager schoolboy unaware of the horrors awaiting beyond. It’s busy, but not crowded, and I take my seat opposite a man who’s looking down at an iPad and frowning thoughtfully. As I smooth down my jacket and trousers, he looks up at me fleetingly. He is an utter vision: his hair a dark, rich brown and his eyes even duskier. His skin is pale, smooth and gleaming. He is dressed simply, yet smartly – burgundy trousers…

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Richard-Blanco-PoetI love poetry even though sometimes I cannot follow or fully appreciate the prose.  Yesterday’s Presidential Inauguration featured Richard Blanco reading his poem One Today to the President and the nation.  Blanco is a Cuban-American who happens to be gay and lives in New England (Maine to be exact).  In lieu of posting the full text (which you can read here), I’ve inserted the video of his reading. His poem stresses unity and the common bonds that touch us all.

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Irish History Podcast

Relating to the past can be incredibly difficult in the 21st century. Our distant ancestors lived what seem to us incomprehensible lives. When we think of things like the Roman Empire in many respects its like an alternate universe.


Kilree monastic site is one of the few places you can visit that provides continuity through changes over the centuries. It was built not long after the Roman Empire crumbled, it was well established when Charlemagne was crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor in 800 C.E. and when Brian Boru was killed at the battle of Clontarf in 1014 C.E. it was already middle-aged. Indeed it was around five centuries old when the Normans invaded Ireland in 1169 C.E. However the most incredible aspect of this remarkable site is that through the numerous wars, disasters and changes in life in the following centuries people have returned to this site right up…

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So I have just broke up with boyfriend number 11 and I have been thinking ‘ am I a serial monogamist’?
And most of all what is it and is it A good thing?

Lets see what I found out:

I am a serial monogamist… meaning I’ve had sequential monogamous relationships – each relationship with a different man – from when I was 17 until last week.

The relationships lasted between 6 months to 3 years… Had probably 1 or two night stands in total in my life the rest were relationships.

My relationships have all been monogamist, ie I’ve never ‘cheated’ on a partner and visa-versa (as sure as I can be); once I’ve decided to be ‘in a relationship’ with Mr X, I would only have sex with him (and visa versa).

But let’s talk numbers, which is actually what got me worried. I have had 11 serious…

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