The Guyliner

There are so many good guys out there — you almost need two hands to count them. But in among the gold, is the tin. The sand in your sandwiches, the rain on your parade. The world is full of men you shouldn’t date, for every kind of reason.

If only there were some kind of test, or a ‘tell’, so you could easily divine the dregs from the demigods. There’s no magic answer, but if your potential beau is a ‘yes’ to any of the list below, it may be time to cast your net a little farther.

You should never date a man who…

1. Panic-buys Christmas presents from the Boots ‘3 for 2’ gift department.
Nobody needs that much ‘body butter’, thanks.

2. Has illegible handwriting.
Is he scrawling “love you” or “fuck you”? Who knows?! Special dispensation for doctors. Doctors are hot. Usually.

3. Has a…

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