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The Presidential campaign has ended but the impact from the four ballot initiatives regarding marriage equality are only now being realized.  Have we hit a tipping point in the US?

Nearly a decade ago in 2003, when I was standing outside the Massachusetts State House to show my support for same sex marriage I knew I was on the correct side of history – what I didn’t know was when that side would collectively stand up.  The first hint came when President Obama spoke in favor of marriage equality.  Just weeks after Obama let his feelings be known, marriage equality activists in Maryland saw a large swing of support for their ballot initiative coming from the African American electorate.  Indeed his continued support has provided weight behind the argument that this is a civil rights issue and quieted the traditionally homophobic rants of many Black ministers.

I hope activists…

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I’m flattered you wanted to share it. I certainly do believe that with public opinion now favoring same sex marriage, a sitting President who has endorsed same sex marriage we are now at a tipping point. For the first time in the US voters voted in same sex marriage at the ballot in Maine. Other states like Washington and Maryland successfully fended off challenges in ballot initiatives and Minnesota voters rejected a ballot initiative to define marriage as one man and one woman.

    More importantly, these 4 initiatives in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington State all took place in different parts of the country. For too long marriage equality was only seeing real gains in the Northeast. After Tuesday’s elections we saw victories in the mid-Atlantic (MD), the midwest (MN) and the west (WA). This is indeed very good news and something I think people outside the US can take heart in seeing as well.

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